Vacuum Device

The vacuum device by Chuhatsu includes a rotary vane vacuum pump developed based on their reliable proven results of their impregnation technology. This enables the near-perfect vacuum required for die-casting, achieving stable and high-cycle results.
The vacuum tank that compresses during vacuum is equipped with a vacuum trap that protects from contamination and other functionality making it an highly-advanced vacuum system for hard vacuum in the die-cast industry.


Product nameVacuum Tank(1)Vacuum Trap(2)Vacuum Pump(3)Exhaust Volume (m3/h)Connection Port Size (A)Size(W×D×Hmm)
R-250T VT-1000VT-1000T-300-11R-0250D250501000×1200×2900
R-250T VT-700VT-700T-300-11R-0250D250501000×1200×2500
R-250T VT-700HVT-700HT-300-11R-0250D250501310×1200×1850
R-250T VT-500VT-500T-300-11R-0250D250501000×1200×2100
R-100T VT-500HVT-500HT-250-5R-0100E100501100×1000×1650
R-040T VT-200VT-200T-250-5R-0040E40501000×1000×1000
R-040T VT-60VT-60T-250-5R-0040E40321000×630×1250
R-040 VTT-60VTT-60R-0040E4032520×520×710

*R-040 VTT-60

*R-040T VT-60

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