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Name Meichu Co., Ltd.
Address 1-1-14 Saikobashidori, Kita-ku, Nagoya,Aichi Pref,Japan.
Establishment April 21, 1987
Capital 15,150,000 yen
President Representative Director and President, Mitsukane NAKASHIMA
Sales Annual gross sales 2 billion yen
Employees 52 (as of Nov 2022)
Description of Business Manufacture and sales of industrial furnaces, casting machinery and production machinery
Sales of casting machinery, casting materials and casted products
All operations related to the above
Associations Japan Die Casting Association
Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association
Japan Foundry Engineering Society
Sokeizai Center
Nippon Die Casting Co-operative Union


Remembering that “today’s best is tomorrow’s worst,” we contribute to the ongoing developments and breakthroughs of our customers

Meichu Co., Ltd. has developed its business around our core of development, manufacturing and sales of casting equipment to include comprehensive sales of casting equipment supplies.
The Homel Furnace we developed in 1982 was the first local melting furnace in the world to not use a crucible. Our broad lineup of assorted products and services is the result of revolutionary innovation and advances to keep pace with the changing times by faithfully listen to the needs of our customers.

In addition to furnaces, we develop full automation systems for material loading and are working towards carbon neutral unmanned casting factories to contribute more to our customers and the environment.

Representative Director and President, Mitsukane NAKASHIMA


By preparing an environment that supports the growth of our employees
Meichu seeks manufacturing progress

I think the most important part of a business is its people.
Unless the people in an organization grow, a company cannot grow.
That is why my job is providing an environment that helps employees to freely exchange ideas, expand their skills and continue to grow.
Meichu has been blessed with personnel with a wide range of skills and knowledge irrespective of their job type including sales, technology and manufacturing. Our customers have given us their trust as these employees have demonstrated their motivation, ability to rapidly respond and provide solutions as needed.
Today we are advancing projects to promote carbon neutrality with the cooperation of veteran and newer employees to open new doors of opportunity through diligent work.
It is my desire to see Meichu develop as we pay careful attention to the health and happiness of our employees and their families even as we support their personal growth.

Executive Director Hisaaki NAKASHIMA


Location List

Head Office


1-1-14 Saikobashidori, Kita-ku, Nagoya,Aichi Pref,Japan. 462-8588
TEL +81-52-911-2266 FAX +81-52-914-4504

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Tokitsu Factory


1372-108 Aza-Nakayama, Tokiguchi, Tokitsu-cho, Toki, Gifu Pref,Japan. 509-5122
TEL +81-572-54-3459 FAX +81-572-54-8556

Kanto Office


Sunny Heim 3-566-5 Onari-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama, Saitama Pref,Japan. 330-0852
TEL +81-48-652-8133 FAX +81-48-652-8134

Overseas Locations

Asia Network


NEXUS Tianjin Head Office/Factory Tianjin Co.,Ltd

Area 2, Fengzedao 9, Zhangjiawo town, XiQing District, Tianjin, China 300382
TEL:+86-22-5811-1503 FAX:+86-22-5811-1508

NEXUS Gaungzhou Office/Factory Guangzhou Co.,Ltd

Building 2C6 Room 212, Wang Ting Road, West Industrial Zone, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China 510800
TEL:+86-20-8686-2306 FAX:+86-20-8686-0216

NEXUS Shanghai Office Shanghai Co., Ltd

Building C Room 307, Kunming Rd. 640, Shanghai, China 200082
TEL:+86-21-5589-7002 FAX:+86-21-6524-9266

NEXUS Indonesia Factory PT.INDONESIA

Kawasan Industri Jababeka V, Jl. Science Timur 1 Blok B34 No. 4, Desa Sertajaya, Cikarang Timur, Bekasi City, West Java, Indonesia 17530
TEL:+62-21-2957-4709 FAX:+62-21-2957-4710

Chyuan Her Co.,Ltd (Taiwan)

No. 17-2, Mianqiancuo, Fuxing Village, Bade District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 304
TEL:+886-3-3682888 FAX:+886-3-3659831


150 Moo 6, Bang Bo, Samut prakan 10560 Thailand
TEL:+66-2705-5900(Auto11lines) FAX:+66-2705-5912


1956 Established Meichu Sangyo Goshi Corporation Started sales of materials and machinery
1972 Established Meichu Sangyo Kogyo in Toki, Gifu. Started manufacture and sales of melting furnaces
1979 Merged with Art Giken Co., Ltd. Started manufacture and sales of pouring machines and casting machines
1982 Started sales of Homel Furnace HMW Series
1985 Opened Kanto Office
1986 Transferred Manufacturing Department to Tokitsu Factory
1987 Spun off Sales Department. Established Meichu Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Obtained patent for Homel Furnace. Awarded the Third Sokeizai Industry Technology Award
1994 Merged manufacturing/sales. Established Meichu Co., Ltd.
Awarded the Japan Foundry Society Toyota Reward for the Homel Furnace
2001 Inaugurated President Mitsukane NAKASHIMA
Started sales of Homel Furnace HMS Series
Merged with Meichu Sangyo Goshi Corporation
2003 Started sales of Clean Homel Furnace HMC Series
2010 Started manufacture and sales agency for Homel Furnaces with Chyuan Her (Taiwan)
Started manufacture and sales agency for Homel Furnaces with NEXUS (Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China)
2014 Started manufacture and sales agency for Homel Furnaces with NEXUS (Indonesia)
2017 Started manufacture and sales agency for Homel Furnaces with PINE-PACIFIC (Thailand)
2019 Renovated Head Office Building
2021 Started sales of Flat Homel Furnace HMF Series


Corporate Policy

Meichu has established a corporate policy based on contribution to society through design and manufacture of casting machinery and sales of casting supplies.

  1. Our corporate management strictly adheres to legal requirements and other agreements.
  2. We manufacture and sell products that satisfy our customers and focusing on quality for repeat orders, with all employees monitoring to prevent shipment of defective products.
  3. We work to prevent environmental pollution and to stem global warming by selling and developing environmentally friendly products.
  4. We provide profits for customers with a priority on customer satisfaction while pursuing appropriately mutually beneficial partnerships.
  5. Our first step is contribution to society while also protecting the livelihoods of our employees and partners.
  6. This policy is documented and openly published.
Quality Management System ISO9001

We implement ongoing improvement based on our ISO management system to provide products and services that bring joy to our customers.

Environmental Management System ISO14001

We develop environmentally friendly products and work to eliminate wastes in all corporate activities.