SDGs Related Efforts


We are engaged in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 as a global leader in our industry.

Towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Meichu is researching and developing technology for reducing carbon emissions.
We are seeking a post-carbon society through use and transition to new energy.


SDGs Initiatives

Meichu is advancing research in three major areas

As a company that specializes in aluminum melting furnaces, we are advancing research and development in the following three areas.
By developing cutting edge technology through environmental initiatives, we believe in the advancement in Japanese manufacturing through improving productivity including improving yields and reducing waste.

Initiative 01
Carbon emission elimination technology development

Seeking 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030

Development of new furnaces (efforts to advance current technology)

To eliminate carbon emissions, after diagnosing current operating energy, we will analyze what issues are present and advance development of new furnaces to improve consumption levels on the existing base.
By reviewing furnace design from new perspectives, we are advancing research into reuse of waste heat and other areas to create a new furnace by fiscal 2030.
Our goal is to halve consumption by fiscal 2030 by combining automated material loading with new heater designs.

Initiative 02

We seek to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2040.

Development of all electric aluminum molten material storage

By changing to electric from gas firing for molten material storage, we seek to eliminate carbon emissions.
Is it possible to perform melting with electricity in the future? This is a problem that currently has a wide range of issues, but we are promoting research to vastly reduce carbon emissions.

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Initiative 03
Hydrogen Fuel Applications

We are planning to bring a hydrogen burner furnace to market around 2050.

Development of a New Furnace

We are advancing research to bring a hydrogen burner furnace to market around 2050.
Hydrogen is a key to transitioning to zero emission thermal power that does not use fossil fuels.
By achieving efficient hydrogen manufacturing using natural energy, we look forward to clean energy that does not emit carbon dioxide. Meichu is taking the initiative for many issues in order to apply hydrogen fuel to industrial furnaces and thereby achieve carbon neutrality.

  • Hydrogen Combustion Thermal Imaging
  • Hydrogen Combustion Photograph

    The hydrogen flame is nearly invisible

  • City Gas Combustion Thermal Imaging
  • City Gas Combustion Photograph

Photo by: Toho Gas Co., Ltd.