Meichu is a furnace maker that provides optimal melting with aluminum furnaces. In addition to furnaces, we provide a full line-up and automation solutions for peripheral equipment so we can change the future of melting beyond the scope of furnace manufacturing.


Our Comprehensive Research Posture

Self-sufficient system


Everything you need for
furnaces in one place.

Meichu has professionals in each furnace related area from development, design and manufacturing to system engineering required for automation. All our employees cooperate to develop new products in addition to our specialized fields.
In addition to manufacturing, we have considered the speed, cost and quality to full internal support for trial operation and installation at the customer site. Our comprehensive after-sales support is one of our strengths, with resources on hand to handle maintenance and consumable part supplies.

Our Comprehensive Support from Development through Installation and Trial Operation

In-house completion support


Our Many Patents as a Furnace Maker

We have obtained patents at each stage of our development of aluminum melting and storage furnaces with the latest technology. We have more than 10 patents both in Japan and abroad.
As we continue research in melting furnaces, we will continue to patent our discoveries to provide new technologies to our customers.


Automation Initiatives

At Meichu, we can propose devices for automation that achieves reduction in power and personnel for all processes related to die-casting systems.
As a furnace maker, our first goal is to achieve new standards in automated aluminum material loading.
We already have proven results but continue to research and perform internal trials so that more of our customers can adopt this technology.


From Made-to-Order Custom Furnaces to Automation

Meichu is a furnace manufacturer able to handle technical sales including material procurement. Our ideas take physical form as we meet with our customers to better understand their issues in die-casting. Our customers trust us to directly deal with use because our technical sales people have hands-on experience with the casting worksite.