Dust Collector

Our Type P Dust Collector is an advanced system that uses a jet pulse blasting method with high pressure air to blow off dust reducing change in filter pressure loss and is designed and manufactured to gain stable suction volume over extended periods of continuous use.

[Type PP Dust Collector Design and Operation]
The top of this machine includes a motor and fan to suck dust-containing air from the source of the dust generation. Suctioned dust is captured and removed from the back of the filter.
Filtered air is exhausted from the fan chamber.
The dust layer that forms from capture on the back of the filter can lower suction power as pressure loss rises relative to the back filtration effectiveness. Continuous operation requires regular cleaning.
The Type P bag filter design uses high pressure air back-blasting, automatically opening a solenoid valve according to a timer at preset intervals, blasting high pressure air (0.5 to 0.7MPa) from the valve through a nozzle to clean the filter surface and maintain a consistent level of pressure loss.

(1)The treated air capacity can be high with an extremely compact monolithic design for the fan resulting in a small installation footprint, shorter installation time and cheaper running cost.
(2)Using a jet pulse blasting method as part of the dust removal mechanism enables continuous operation with stable suction capacity.
(3)Using a felt material filter means this system is appropriate for micron-order dust due to maximum capturing effectiveness.
(4)Even regarding noise, a secondary pollution source, this design can adopt a compact high-performance silencer that can be incorporated with the main unit.
(5)Unit production of standardized products means the initial cost is also relatively low.

*When using with maximum effectiveness of limited installation space
*Small to large dust collectors available to meet required dust collection capacity for extended continuous operation.
*Collect micron-order dusts
*Collect dusts with relatively high adhesion strength.
*Terminal dust collection for stable air conveyance of large amount with low wind volume

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